About Us

We think you should expect more - and get more.

A Group of Experts

We believe in the software solutions we deploy and we believe in helping your organization get the most from them. GroupeX Solutions was founded on the notion that it takes dedicated people, not just software to enable business growth. It takes the right person for the job to get the most from the software solution. Since 2001, GroupeX has been devoted to helping organizations on their business solutions journey. We have a long track record of implementations across multiple industries, countries and continents. We’re an agile company that responds quickly to our clients’ needs and have handled companies with employee sizes ranging from 750 to 60,000.

Our team is comprised of the top people from each of the solutions we support and each, in their own way, has contributed to the global digital transformation within the HCM eco-system. As thought leaders, our group has contributed to publications, webinars, whitepapers and as well, we’re Vision Conference Gold members.

But the reason we say to Expect More is because GroupeX is more than a system integrator. Of course, our team has a deep level of application expertise, but we also have the business intelligence you require to get the most ROI from your technology investment.

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