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"We weren't fitting into their mold"

Meet Ed Pypker, HR Director at Automation Tooling Systems. Check out what Ed has to say about the choice to implement WorkForce Software and partnership with GroupeX Solutions to ensure a reliable delivery of service.

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"Without GroupeX’s help, we would probably be months back in our deliverables."

Discover how Duncan McEwan, SAP Manager at Thales Canada is dealing with the upcoming IFRS 15 compliance deadline. Working together, we developed a stable solution that addresses their business needs and other pressing issues along the way.

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Goldcorp Case Study

​Read how Goldcorp found success with Employee Central, and SAP Payroll. Currently they’re moving towards implementing Time & Attendance by WorkForce Software. Together with GroupeX, Goldcorp is building a long-term and scalable solution.

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