The Future of Work

Since 1977, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) has been delivering workforce innovations that have helped to change and shape the future of work. This ongoing drive to innovate has brought UKG to build Workforce Dimensions™.

Workforce Dimensions, powered by the intelligent D5™ platform, is a next-generation workforce solution that offers any-device access, optimal user experience, analytics, compliance, and more. Not only does the solution provide a leading-edge user experience and operational insight like never before, you can also access a consistent experience from any device, streamline workforce management practices, and work in a Modern Cloud environment that leverages new technologies and works seamlessly with your existing systems.

Expect More

GroupeX’s significant Time and Attendance experience and Software as a Service (SaaS) expertise has pushed us to the forefront of the Workforce Dimensions and UKG D5™ platform landscape.

We can help you leverage all that Workforce Dimensions has to offer.

  • Automate routine management decisions through Workforce Advisor. The system is designed to constantly learn and improve to help solve increasingly complex problems for managers each day.
  • Prevent problems before they happen with real-time compliance management. Workforce Dimensions provides visibility into possible compliance risks with real-time projections.
  • Access data through Workforce Dimensions Dataviews, which allows you to analyze data by employee, organization, and project using easy Excel-like functionality.

About D5

The UKG D5 intelligent cloud platform delivers such industry firsts as:

  • A robust API and integration framework that provides extensibility and simplifies integration
  • Artificial intelligence that drives smart, predictive solutions
  • Fast in-memory cloud computing that offers immediate insight
  • A flexible domain model based on decades of workforce management experience
  • A unified information architecture that gives you complete data access for on-demand reporting and analysis

UKG D5 powers Workforce Dimensions in the Google public cloud, and leverages Google’s substantial investments in global infrastructure, security, and ongoing innovation.

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