Universal Device Manager

Data Collection across devices and applications

Universal Device Manager (UDM) in Workforce Dimensions™ is a world-class monitoring and management solution for customers ranging from enterprise level to those requiring minimal devices. It is a standalone application that is highly integrated with all Workforce Dimensions applications and workforce management services.

Our UKG professionals understand this fully scalable application and can help you leverage its adapter-based platform technology.

  • Collect information on devices by using specific settings and/or profiles, including the number devices in a named status and group
  • React quickly to acquisitions or third-party device integrations
  • Automatically apply work and pay rules in device configuration
  • Automatically download an assigned configuration when installation is complete through device auto registration
  • Customize columns and perform several actions without opening multiple screens in the device management dashboard
  • Access embedded device settings directly throughout the application for information anytime, anywhere
  • Constantly monitor device health to anticipate problems before they occur
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